Mike Martin  President

APT Member #927P, Member since 1996. Mike is currently the President of the APT. He is the owner of Flesh Skin Grafix Tattoo in Imperial Beach, CA and has been tattooing for over 26 years, piercing for over 15 years and is a retired US Navy Seal.  Mike also serves on the Board of Directors for the Association of Professional Piercers, is a Blood Borne Pathogen trainer for the National Safety Council, a lifetime member of the  Tattoo Club of Japan and has been a member of the National Tattoo Association for about 19 years. He is actively involved with UC Davis and Sacramento State’s Hep C outreach awareness campaign, Be Smart With Body Art, which educates students in simple steps and questions to ask when they are shopping for an artist to do their first tattoo. In addition to all that, he also works closely with the San Diego County Department of

Environmental Health on revising county and state regulations. View Mike’s work at www.fleshskingrafix.com.



The Alliance of Professional Tattooists is guided by the Board of Directors, elected by our membership to two year terms.

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 Jaqueline Beach

 Health and Education Coordinator.

Vice President: Vacant

 Jack Rudy At Large

APT Member #15P, Member since 1992. Jack is well know as an artistic genius. Both in his tattoo work and paintings. His tattoo history began in 1975 when he was taken under the tuteledge of Good Time Charlie Cartwright and taught the fine art of tattooing.

Sharon Brouse

APT Member #381P, Member since 1993. Sharon is the owner of ASI Tattoo in Salt Lake City, UT where she also works as an artist. She is currently on the APT Board of Directors and has been an APT member since 1993.






Lori Laws  Secretary

Lori has been an APT member since 2015.  Lori has been getting tattooed since 1999, and has become increasingly involved with the art and industry since that time. She is now completely tattooed, from the back of her head down to her feet, except for her hands, face, and the front of her neck.  By day, Lori is a Physical Therapist in a religiously affiliated hospital. This experience provides her insight regarding how tattoos are perceived in professional settings, as well as professional knowledge of infection control issues.  She hopes one day she will not have to cover her tattoos while at work.  Lori has also been a member of the National Tattoo Association since 2010 and brings the perspective of a long-time tattoo client to her position on the APT board.  She is passionate about seeing tattooing flourish safely with appropriate regulation based on sound science, not misinformation. Though she is not an artist, she has the utmost respect for artists, and is grateful to have been welcomed into APT with such open arms.


Jesse Neese Treasurer


APT Member # 1611P, Member since 2000. I opened Nuclear Ink Custom Tattoo, first in one location where we had landlord difficulties, then moved in 2000 to our current location at 159 N. 72nd St.  Much of my tattoo education has taken place at conventions, where I have found most of the top artists and legends in the industry to be very approachable.  I have always had a great amount of respect for those who have paved the way for tattooing to be recognized as the truly incredible art form that it is.  Thank you all for the seminars, letting me look over your shoulders, and giving me honest feedback on my art and portfolio.



Selina Medina

Hello new friends and colleagues, my name is Selina Medina. I am a tattoo artist based in Jacksonville, Florida currently working at Black Hive Tattoo. I work along side Nick Wagner, Sol’e Real, Colbey Joyce and Matt Moore. I have been tattooing since 2002. I was born in 1985, and I am currently 32 years old. I started my tattooing apprenticeship while I was in high school at the age of 16. Graduating at 17 and immediately going full time tattooing, college was not an option for me at the time. I was raised by my father as a teenager, a Vietnam Veteran retired Chief Warrant officer Senior Navy Chief. My fathers values and military career were formative in my development as the person I am today. Allowing me to respect a chain of command, and keeping respect of my elders always.

My path into adulthood was tattooing centric and art focused. I have tried many avenues of art and self expression, but find tattooing to be my focus and behind that liquid acrylic. This life of tattooing was a much more attractive alternative than working in a pizza joint until I could afford college. The idea of potentially being thousands of dollars in debt frightened me, but by taking a leap of faith early on in my life I have my rock. Tattooing. While my life has been turbulent thus far I am happy and confident to be in place to give back to my community.


I am eager to be a part of the APT community bringing a new set of eyes, as well as a youthful perspective to the board for the ever growing and developing technological world surrounding us. The time has come to invest into these wonderful tools of connectivity, which can benefit our community with growth by rapidly reaching a large audience at our finger tips. I provide a savvy social media mindset that can contribute to the growth of the APT. Which is only fitting for the mission of Tattoo safety and education. As well as being an organized individual, who thrives on rash orientation I am truly excited to give back to tattooing, my first true love. I also have and use an extensive resource network for self development, public relations specialists, attorneys, doctors, web developers, social media directors and many more.

While I may be the new kid on the block I will do my utmost best to develop relationships with as many members as I possibly can. I understand this might be upsetting to older members me having no prior history with the organization, I am here to help. I am here to listen to your concerns and feedback. Please talk with me about your concerns as I would love to hear them directly from you. Everyone before me in this organization has done an incredible job and there is no way anyone would be where they are tattooing without you. Everyone of you has a great idea in there, so step on up and share it with us! I am excited to help the APT grow.


Julie Marschall

Home Office Wizard!


22052 W. 66th Street,

 Suite 225

Shawnee, KS 66226


E: info@safe-tattoos.com

P: 816-979-1300



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