Mike Martin  President

APT Member #927P, Member since 1996. Mike is currently the President of the APT. He is the owner of Flesh Skin Grafix Tattoo in Imperial Beach, CA and has been tattooing for over 26 years, piercing for over 15 years and is a retired US Navy Seal.  Mike also serves on the Board of Directors for the Association of Professional Piercers, is a Blood Borne Pathogen trainer for the National Safety Council, a lifetime member of the  Tattoo Club of Japan and has been a member of the National Tattoo Association for about 19 years. He is actively involved with UC Davis and Sacramento State’s Hep C outreach awareness campaign, Be Smart With Body Art, which educates students in simple steps and questions to ask when they are shopping for an artist to do their first tattoo. In addition to all that, he also works closely with the San Diego County Department of

Environmental Health on revising county and state regulations. View Mike’s work at www.fleshskingrafix.com.



The Alliance of Professional Tattooists is guided by the Board of Directors, elected by our membership to two year terms.

The Board of Directors

Chuck Householder  Secretary

APT Member #2982P, Member since 2006. Chuck has been an actively involved in professional organizations and adult education his entire adult life.  Starting in the Marine Corps with Enlisted and NCO Organizations he gained certification in Techniques of Military Instruction and became a valued member to his brother Marines and Command.  This continued throughout his civilian Law Enforcement career where he served several terms as an Officer of the Executive Board of his Fraternal Order of Police Lodges and taking adult education to the next level becoming an Instructor Trainer and Adjunct Instructor for Police Academies.  He is on his third term as one of the Directors of the Alliance of Professional Tattooists where he serves as Secretary, chairs the Market Research, Survey and Study Committee and Vice-Chairs the Trade Show and Members Benefit Committees.  He has been a member of the Body Arts Community for over 20 years and currently serves as the Body Arts Representative for his state’s licensing agency. He has recently retired from Law Enforcement but is still active in the Fraternal Order of Police and its Political Action Committee.

Faces of the APT

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Tim Corley Treasurer



APT Member # 602P, Member since 1994. Started tattooing in August 1990 on my own, then apprenticed with Steve Swanton at Majestic Tattoos. Owned own shop since 1993. Has tattooed in Belfast Northern Ireland, Dublin Ireland, Dunstable and Manchester UK, Oslo Norway, Berlin, Frankfurt and Wessel, Germany, Mexico and 100s of conventions, tattooed at the Sturgis Rally since 1991. Award winning portraits and color. Tim's work has been featured in Tattoo® Magazine, ITA, Tattoo Review and Skin Deep. Full member National Tattoo Assoc. since 1995.  Current Security Director. Served as Shop Steward and Executive Board Member for the Teamsters®local 267.  View Tim’s work at www.tats4u.com.

Don Corah

APT Member #902P, Member since 1996. Don is the owner and operator of Artisan Tattoo Co. in Fort Wayne, Indiana since 1980 and has been a board member with APT since 2007 and served as Secretary. He currently is a PDTT Instructor, Indiana State Rep and Health and Education Coordinator.

Jack Rudy

APT Member #15P, Member since 1992. Jack is well know as an artistic genius. Both in his tattoo work and paintings. His tattoo history began in 1975 when he was taken under the tuteledge of Good Time Charlie Cartwright and taught the fine art of tattooing.

Seth Kirshman

APT Member # 1357P, Member since 1999. Seth was a main factor in the evolution of the tattoo and piercing industry in Nebraska. Bringing education and modernization to all he apprenticed in hopes of bettering and solidifying the industry to any and all skeptics. Most have gone on to have illustrious careers and studios of their own. Tattooing since 1993, and piercing since 1996, Seth has made Villain's a studio of solace and creativity to channel each customers wishes into live art, without judgement and with the peace of mind that a sterile environment and educated staff can only provide. Now proud to serve on the board of directors for The Alliance of Professional Tattooist to further the cause.

Jesse Neese

APT Member # 1611P, Member since 2000. I opened Nuclear Ink Custom Tattoo, first in one location where we had landlord difficulties, then moved in 2000 to our current location at 159 N. 72nd St.  Much of my tattoo education has taken place at conventions, where I have found most of the top artists and legends in the industry to be very approachable.  I have always had a great amount of respect for those who have paved the way for tattooing to be recognized as the truly incredible art form that it is.  Thank you all for the seminars, letting me look over your shoulders, and giving me honest feedback on my art and portfolio.

Sharon Brouse

APT Member #381P, Member since 1993. Sharon is the owner of ASI Tattoo in Salt Lake City, UT where she also works as an artist. She is currently on the APT Board of Directors and has been an APT member since 1993.

John Montgomery

APT Member #3310A, Member since 2010.

Owner Grand Tattoo Lodge and All Prima.

Chair of Member Development Committee.

Telisa Swan

APT Member # 1253 P, Member since 1998. Telisa Swan is the owner of Swan Family Ink in Moscow, Idaho.  She began tattooing in 1993 with the help of a tattoo artist she met while attending Washington State University.  After graduating with a degree in Fine Arts in 1994 she opened her first tattoo studio.  She is currently tattooing with two of her children - Cera and Dean Swan, while her son Jesse and future son-in-law Derek are the shop's body piercers. Telisa's husband, Allen, is the shop manager. .

Julie Marschall

Home Office Wizard!


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